1 lb. Bulk Grilled Chicken

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Build your own meal with Mach1Foods bulk prep! At Mach1Foods our vision is to see everyone have an opportunity to execute good nutrition quickly and conveniently. Research shows that if most people simply had food precooked for them, they would be less likely to eat out or eat unhealthy. Mach1Foods newest solution is fully cooked Bulk Foods! Bulk ordering is the perfect balance between grocery/meal delivery kits and full meal prep. Our grilled chicken is perfectly cooked and seasoned with Mach1Foods house blend salt and pepper seasoning. Buy it by the pound and make meal prep even easier!

Nutrition Facts

Per 0.5 Cup Serving- about 7 Servings/Container


Total Calories135
Total Fat3g
Total Carbs0g
Total Protein27g


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