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Have you ever wondered…

How awesome would it be if there was a company that would prep my macros?

Well, now there is a company that will do JUST THAT. Mach1Foods exists to make your life easier. Whether you have a macro plan designed for you personally by a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, or you have a template nutrition program, we can prep it. Our Registered Dietitians will work directly with you to create meals that fit your taste buds, your program, and your budget. THEN, we will prep the meals and ship it straight to your home.


Don’t have a nutrition program but want one? We have that covered too! When our Registered Dietitians design your nutrition program, not only will you get designed meals, but you will also get nutrition coaching and program modifications to ensure you are accomplishing your goals. Each program design starts with a full length assessment including goals, family history, and a strategy call to make sure we are setting you up for success, 6 designed meals, and unlimited correspondence with your dietitian. We want to make sure you’re getting more value than you could ever pay for.

Why Mach1Foods?

Because we value YOU. Every decision we make is made with answering our foundational question:

“Is that best for our customers and clients?”

  • All of our meals are designed by our Registered Dietitian and prepared by our in-house professional chefs.

  • We use fresh, raw, and REAL ingredients.

  • Our chefs, founders, and Registered Dietitians have worked together to create a system to package distribute REAL custom meals efficiently.

  • The founders of Mach1Foods are still in the kitchen for quality control!

  • We are constantly striving to find a way to make YOUR experience better today than it was yesterday, better tomorrow than it was today.

  • The vision of our company is to change this country’s health through providing quality, balanced, portion controlled, tasty food that is more convenient than anything in the market.

Perfectly personalized macros, delicious and healthy. Hungry yet?

Great! How much does it cost?

Weekly Menu Pricing

Starts at $8.50 per meal

Pricing is straightforward and listed for each meal.  Add as many or as little as you want.
Additional discounts available via our Newsletter.

Meal Design Pricing

Meal Design

$ 99

setup fee
$ 25.00
per week

Bring in your own macro plan or nutrition template and we will prep it to perfection. Positive change starts with taking control.

Great starter package, includes:

  • Meal Prep
  • 6 Designed Meals
    (extra meal design: $10 one-time/each)
  • Unlimited Meal Count Orders
  • Unlimited Email Correspondence
  • Unlimited Meal Modifications

Precision Design

$ 249

setup fee
$ 25.00
per week

Complete and total development of personalized nutrition program design for you by Registered Dietitian. Gain the results faster!

Includes MEAL DESIGN package, plus:

  • Nutrition Program Design
  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment
  • Initial Phone Consult
  • Bi-Weekly Check-in w/ RD
  • 6 Week Reassessment w/ RD

Precision Design GT

$ 399

setup fee
$ 25.00
per week

Gain the ultimate advantage and insights. Our Registered Dietitian can craft precision meals that will scientifically enhance and boost results

Includes PROGRAM DESIGN package, plus:

  • 1 free Genetic Test (299.00 value)
  • Discounts for additional Genetic Tests
  • 2nd Genetic Test for only $125
  • 3rd and 4th Genetic Test for $85


Genetic Testing – Regular Price

(Simple pricing when not enrolled in Precision Design program)

  • Genetic Testing (1 test) – $299
  • Genetic Testing (2 tests) – $449
  • Genetic Testing (3 tests) – $549
  • Genetic Testing (4 tests) – $649

Genetic Testing – Discounted Price

(Special pricing when enrolled in the Precision Design GT program)

  • Genetic Testing (1 test) – FREE
  • Genetic Testing (2 tests) – $125
  • Genetic Testing (3 tests) – $210
  • Genetic Testing (4 tests) – $295

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