Meals Designed by Registered Dietitians and Made from Raw Ingredients


Our Mission

To change our customer’s health by making fresh, healthy, balanced, portion controlled meals that are convenient and delicious!

Meal Prep Services

Weekly Menu

Our in-house Dietitian picks new meals each week for our weekly rotating menu. All of our meals are made from raw ingredients and the best part is, they are shipped directly to your home, office or gym!

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Are you are a gym owner?  Do hold local, regional or national fitness or CrossFit competitions?  Well if so we are your one stop shop for all of your food and meal prep needs!  We will show up and feed the wild herd for you.

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Custom Meals

Custom Meals allow you direct access to our Registered Dietitian.  Our RD’s will design meals that fit your macros.  If you don’t currently have a plan, they can build you one, it’s that easy!

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Meals Ondemand

Do you eat Keto, Paleo, or another way?  No problem. With M1F’s Meals OnDemand you can pick meals that fit your eating program.  Select your ingredients and quantities, get exactly what you like, and check out.

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How it Works

1. Order Up

Pick a Meal Prep Service and browser our delicious healthy menu – all items are freshly hand-prepared. Great-tasting, nutritious, healthy options are just a few clicks away!

2. Heat Up

Store your M1F meals in the fridge for up to 5 to 7 days.  When you’re ready to eat just pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until internal temperature is 165 degrees. WATCH OUT NOW, FOOD WILL BE HOT!

3. Eat Up

Bon Appétit!  Time to chow down.  No matter the time of day, these meals are ready to eat and enjoy – we’ve made each batch with love so your great nutrition & fresh meal is just a fork away.

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